Cynthia Lawrence Designs

love affair with paper began in 1992 while creating invitations and stationery for friends and family as gifts. I formed an attraction to various kinds of paper and texture. Oh the possibilities you derive from while just looking at a pattern. While working at a financial firm in the creative department I flourished my graphic design skills by creating calendars, invitations, 'producing' poems, books and business cards

When I decided to learn more about the craft of making books, I took a class in bookbinding and box making at the YWCA. Since then, I've been fascinated by all the wonderful combinations that can be made with paper and fabric. This led to additional training at the Center for Book Arts and the Learning Annex. Taking the traditional method of bookbinding and combining it with new craft techniques inspired me to combine fabric and paper in unusual ways.

We use fabrics such as textured cotton, raw silk, ultra suede, bookcloth, jacquard and embossed leather for our creations. First we choose a fabric suitable to the project and then select something complementary from our collection of imported papers. Over the years, we’ve collected beautiful paper from France, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, and Japan. As a final touch, we adorn many of our creations with silk ribbons, beads or semi-precious stones. We only choose colors we feel connected to upon first sight. Most of the colors we work with are earth tones ranging from warm solid colors to vibrant graphic prints.

On our website,, customers can either select something from the existing product line or request a custom-made order. We're always happy to work with a customer to create journals, photo albums, frames or planners that incorporate the customer's individual style.

We look forward to working with you,
Cynthia & Lawrence